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Kranc Associates is a leader in the field of Canadian Corporate Immigration Law. We take great pride in our work and achievements, and this commitment flows through to our clients. Our lawyers and staff are all dedicated to providing the best service possible for our clients.

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Canada to Lift Mexican Visa Requirement

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In 2009, in the face of surging numbers of refugee claimants, Canada instituted a visa requirement for Mexican citizens to travel to Canada. Whatever impact this move may have had on stemming the... READ MORE

‘lmplied Status’ Update

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‘Implied Status’ is the right to remain in, and typically for our purposes, work in, Canada while a work permit extension application is in process. As long as the person has submitted their... READ MORE

Immigration Canada Improves Online Functionality

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Many temporary applications are now submitted to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC – formerly CIC) through their online portal. These applications can include work permits, study permits, and temporary resident visas, along... READ MORE