At the end of the day, it’s all about client satisfaction. At Kranc, we recognize this and strive to ensure that the people we serve get the service and satisfaction they need. We recognize that corporate immigration requires not only expert knowledge, which we strive to provide, but also the ‘logistics’ of getting any particular matter done. We strive for 100% client satisfaction, and this means that we ensure that we understand and are involved with whatever the process entails. Whether this means communications with employer or employee, conference calls for group situations, or otherwise, Kranc Associates provides the satisfaction clients need.

At Kranc Associates, our clients can expect:

  • The ability to communicate with counsel whenever necessary, by email or phone
  • The provision of Kranc Associates unique ‘Immigration Manual for the Application Process’ (“IMAP”), upon case strategy determination, fully setting out what Employers and Employees can expect going through the process
  • Communications through one Kranc Associates ‘Case Coordinator’ who will act as a single point of contact, and who is fully engaged in each matter under his or her carriage
  • Sophisticated IT support, optimizing efficiency and employer/employee ability to interact on their matters at all times (please see our Technology tab)
  • A personalized experience with recognition of the concerns that an immigration procedure can place on those unfamiliar with the process